Boat Kits

Boat Kits

HAKits are pleased to announce that we have recently developed and designed a series of small model boat kits that are available to purchase through our eBay store. Alternativly if you prefer to purchase direct, please call or email with your requirements.

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Broads Launch

Based loosely on a 1930s Broad’s river cruiser this  19” model kit includes machine cut liteply components which fit together easily.


Ski Boat

A 21” model kit containing laser cut components which builds in to an Italian style sports boat. Suitable for electric drive and R/C


Rescue Launch

Semi scale model of a Rescue / police launch. Easy build construction and can be fitted with electric drive and R/C. 18” long.


Narrow Boat

A 22” semi scale model of a typical narrowboat. The kit containing all the laser cut components to build this model. Electric drive and R/C can be added


Air Boat

Air screw driven 19” hydroplane kit. The kit contains laser cut components which builds in to this interesting model. Electric drive and R/C can be added.


Offshore Racer

A semi-scale mode of the Fairy Huntress 23. The model kit contains accurate laser cut liteply parts and builds in to a pretty 18” model.


Aircraft Kits

Have you had chance to browse our radio control model aircraft kits? 

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